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Product Name

Product Name:Two-station Manual Keg Cleaner

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Two-station Manual Keg Cleaner

Key Features

Manually loaded keg cleaner, is designed for use in breweries with small keg treatment capability. Easy cleaning of keg interior including residual blow outing, water rinsing, hot caustic rinsing, hot water rinsing, sterile water rinsing, as well as CO2 counter pressurizing.

Configuration: double cleaning station, one detergent tank equipped with heater, pt100 and level sensor, one stainless steel process pump, one control box, two rinsing nozzle, etc. 

Technical Data

Capacity: Up to 20 keg/h (based on 30-liter keg).


Container sizes 

Volumes: 17 L (1/6 bbl) to 58 L (1/2 bbl) 

Diameter: 250 mm to 420 mm

Height: 270 mm to 570 mm