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Product Name:Dual-station Semi-auto Keg Cleaning & Filling Machine

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Dual-station Semi-auto Keg Cleaning & Filling Machine
Key Features 
Designed for use in breweries or beer plants with small keg treatment capability, for complete cleaning of keg interior and filing the beer into the keg, including such processes as residual blow out, water rinsing, caustic rinsing, hot water rinsing, steam sterilizing, CO2 counter pressurizing, as well as filling. 
Once the kegs being loaded, the cleaning program or filling program runs automatically, and the process is controlled and regulated by a Siemens PLC control unit with a plain text display.
Standard equipment includes two integrated cleaning agent tanks, of which caustic tank and hot water tank are equipped with steam heating device, level control, as well as temperature control.
The keg is firstly checked by CO2 counter pressurization, only then the filling process can be start automatically if there is no leakage with the keg. And the machine is equipped with flow meter to dose and control the filling amount. 
Technical Data
Up to 30 keg/h (based on 30-liter keg)
Container sizes
Volumes: 17 L to 58 L (1/2 BBL)
Diameter: 250 mm to 420 mm
Height: 70 mm to 570 mm