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Product Name

Product Name:Linear Keg Cleaning & Filling Machine

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Key Features


●Linear type of cleaning and filling machine for the highest of standards - for cleaning the internal of keg and filling beer into the keg.

●Completely new cleaning process & technology, with pulsating spraying nozzles, sanitary and no dead corner.

●Integrated five stations, three active cleaning stations, a soaking station as well as a filling station.

●Fully new filling valve design, and combined with high accuracy flow meter control.

●Modular & integrated design, the specially manufactured frame components are easy to clean and lowest potential for microbiological contamination, with compact structure and small floor space.

●No internal cleaning agent tanks equipped with the system, and flexible connection to external cleaning agent tanks, as well as external pure compressed air, steam, and pure CO2.

●All energy- and media-conducting connections are installed on one side of the machine, neat arrangement and easy for connections.

●Semi-automatic production, easy operation, sanitary, and safety.

●High accuracy and high efficiency through control by all kinds of sensors & control components, which are all world famous brand.

Capacity of 60 Kegs/H, and no format parts to be changed for the same type kegs with different sizes.

●Format parts available for all common keg types, and high flexibility of use and short changeover times due to format part changes without tools required.


Technical Data


Capacity Range

      60 kegs per hour (depending on cleaning process and keg size)

Applicable keg type & volume

       German keg:       15L ~ 50L

       European keg:     15L ~ 50L

       American keg:     1/6 BBL (19.5L) ~ 1/2 BBL (58.6L)

Applicable keg dimensions

      Diameters:235 to 408 mm

      Heights: 262 to 600 mm

Machine data

      Dimensions: 3,200 x 900 x 2,520 mm (L x W x H)

      Conveyor height: 1,000 mm

      Weight:app. 1,100 kg

Power supply

      380 V, 50 Hz EU / 208 V, 60 Hz USA (Can be customized )

      Gross power:app. 1 Kw