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Product Name:Three station cleaning machine

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1. The three-station beer barrel cleaning machine is designed for breweries or craft breweries, which can meet the needs of small production scale and can thoroughly clean the interior of beer barrels, including draining residual wine, cleaning with clean water, cleaning with alkaline water, cleaning with clean water, and acid. Cleaning, water cleaning, steam sterilization, CO2 backup and other procedures.
2. The beer keg needs to cover the dispenser manually and place it on the workstation, and press the start button, the cleaning process is automatic. The dispenser needs to be removed manually after cleaning.
3. After the beer keg is placed on the workbench, you need to press the start button, and the cleaning or filling process will be carried out automatically. It can be adjusted and controlled by the Siemens PLC control device, and the entire cleaning process is displayed in the screen text.
4. The cleaning inside the beer keg will be successively sprayed with water, hot lye, clean water, and acid, followed by steam sterilization, and finally CO2 backup pressure.
5. Before leaving the factory, the wires and pipes of the equipment will be installed and tested in the factory.
6. The standard equipment configuration includes three detergent tanks: acid tank, hot alkali tank and water tank, and is equipped with a steam device and a temperature controller for automatic water replenishment. Three pumps are used to supply cleaning agent.
7. The function of the tank, the cleaning process, the heating method, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements, specifications and main technical parameters

Work table size (mm): 305x1390
Dimensions (mm): 1642x1051x1530
Production capacity: 60 barrels/hour (30L barrels)
Water consumption: 1-3m3/h
Cleaning method: inverted cleaning
Measurement accuracy: ±0.5-±1%
Working table height (mm): 890
Net weight (KG): 350
Air consumption: 8-22m3/h
Power: 3 KW

Applicable barrel size: outer diameter: 235mm-408mm
Height: 262mm-600mm
Applicable barrel type: German standard: 15L-50L
European standard: 20L-50L
American Standard: 1/6BBL-1/2BBL (19.5L-58.6L)