Product Name

Product Name:2HL-20HL Brewhouse

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Main Equipment:lauter whirlpool tun & mash kettle tun
1. Lauter whirlpool tun: the bottom of lauter tun is the top of whirlpool tun
2. Mash kettle tun: inner heater, mixer(frequency control)
3. Platform / skid
4. Piping/ pumps (frequency control) /single stage heat exchanger /wort aeration device /spindle station sampling /control box
5. PLC fully automatic control(reserve button control)


List of mashing equipment Quantity
Mashing boiler 1
Filter sedimentation tank 1
Operating platform/stand 1
Balance tank 1
Bracket 1
PLC automatic control (can be converted into manual button control) 1
Pipeline system 1
Pump (Inverter Control) 1
One-stage heat exchanger 1
Oxygenation device 1
Wort sampling station 1
Control cabinet 1
Secondary Steam Cooling System/Saccharification Boiler Jacket/Pneumatic Valve Button Control/End Heat Exchanger/Hot Water Tank
Customized Specifications Arrangement Material Heating method
2HL-20HL straight form 304 Various options