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Product Name:10HL-30HL Brewhouse

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Main Equipment: mash tun & lauter tun & kettle whirlpool tun.


1. Mash tun: mixer (frequency control), bottom and shell jackets

2. Lauter tun: with spent grain out door, raking machine (frequency control)

3. Kettle whirlpool tun: bottom and shell jackets

4. Platform

5. Grant/ piping / pumps (frequency control) / single stage heat exchanger/ wort aeration device / control box

6. Temperature controller, manual valves


List of mashing equipment quantity
Mash pot 1
Filter tank 1
Boiling sedimentation tank 1
Operating platform 1
Buffer tank 1
Pipeline system 1
Pump (Inverter Control) 1
one-stage heat exchanger 1
Oxygenation device 1
Control box 1
Secondary steam cooling system/wort sampling station/hot and cold water mixing station/malt water mixer/pneumatic valve button control
Customized Specifications Arrangement Material Heating method
10HL-30HL straight or polygonal 304 Various options