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Product Name:Hop Gun

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1. Mix the beer and the hops evenly in the hop gun, so that the precious and volatile essential oils of the hops are continuously and efficiently dissolved in the beer;
2. All the beer in the wine storage tank will be in contact with the hops in the HopGun, so that the hop essential oil is evenly dissolved in the whole can of beer, and the aroma of the beer will be more stable;
3. It can improve the utilization rate of hops, increase the stability of beer aroma, and save time;
4. It can keep the beer clear;
5. Reduce the loss of carbon dioxide.

The volume of the hop gun can be customized according to the needs of customers, and there are various specifications of filter elements for customers to choose and replace.

Dimensions and technical parameters
Case size: Overall height (mm): 3305
Outer diameter of cylinder (mm): 706
Filter element length (mm): 2080
Full volume: 800L
Empty weight: 300kg
Regular volume: 80L-1500L