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2016 World Beer Cup

Recently, the Brewers Association (BA) successfully hosted the World Beer Cup 2016 (WBC) at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The biennial international most prestigious beer event has been held for eleven years. A total of 6,957 beer from 1907 breweries in 55 countries participated in the competition to compete for the 96 categories of gold, silver and bronze awards and winery awards.

HGM customers -- Golden Sanmai defeated beer brands from 55 countries around the world and won the bronze medal. This is already the Golden Three Wheat Award for the second consecutive World Beer Cup.

HGM customers -- Boxing Cat Beer House, stood out among more than 6,000 beers and won a silver medal, becoming the only winner in mainland China.

Congratulations on the golden three wheat and boxing cats! We are also very happy as a supplier of their brewing equipment.

Here, we would also like to congratulate many other American award-winning users of HGM/PSS products.

During the award ceremony, when the screen was scrolled to introduce the American winery, the brewing equipment that appeared on the screen was basically derived from the HGM/PSS equipment. When we are moved, more is confidence and strength. As we all know, a good quality craft beer not only needs top raw materials and excellent winemakers, but also needs a high quality brewing equipment line. HGM carefully crafted innovative and innovative craft beer equipment for every winemaker. While respecting the tradition, we constantly continually crafted the brewing equipment, stepping forward and surpassing the pace of the times and constantly creating beauty. We strive to make every detail of the product highlight the artistic shape and shine the light of wisdom.