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「WBC World Beer Competition」Champion beer, officially toast to Shanghai!

The Shanghai friends who have been to Jinsan Sanmai (Suzhou) always ask a question in unison. When can I drink the golden beer of Shanghai Sanmai in Shanghai? Some Shanghai friends have heard about the golden three wheats, but they have no chance to visit them. I want to say that Shanghai, Golden Three Mai is finally here!



On July 18th, Golden Sanmai (Shanghai Jing'an Temple) opened its doors. The unique arched decoration of the old castle was classical and lively. The scene was very atmospheric. Whether it was a Taiwanese or a landed waiter, the quality was very high. Everyone There is always a friendly thank you and a smile on my mouth.

Golden Sammy Shanghai Beer Theme Restaurant is located in No. 108, Yuyuan Road, Jing'an District. It stands in the essence of the city and is of great significance. It is adjacent to Jing'an Temple. It is full of self-brewed clothes on the second floor of the food court. The golden three-grain service staff of the traditional elements of the beer, through the introduction of the position, first saw the transparent waiting room decorated with wine bottles. The waiting hall saw the checkout counter and the European manor theme. The interior design of the style decoration, very personal and special, can enter the dining area from left to right. The space for dining on the left is the outer hall. The right aisle on the right side of the outer hall is the inner hall. The two sides of the hall are designed with a fort-type private room on both sides. The two halls are in an L-curve design, which is a live performance area in the junction corner area, and the angle of view is round and wide. Looking back to the right side of the waiting room, a long passage leads to the wine-drinking area and the serving area. The dining area on the right side of the passage surrounds the open wine-making area, where guests can enjoy the beer while admiring the craftsmanship. The equipment is very interesting and real. A variety of beer medals and certificates hang on the wall on the left side of the passage, as well as a representative beer mug that is collected in various places.

The whole restaurant is based on the theme of tasting craft beer. It covers an area of ​​more than 1,200 square meters and can accommodate more than 300 people at the same time. The main beer selection is German traditional barley, wheat and rye. The specialty beer is honey beer and Pilsen. After that, beer will be introduced in various seasons. Honey beer is sweet and delicious, and it is very innovative. The dishes are also full of praise, all the meals are not put MSG, promote healthy eating concept, very Western food combined with Taiwanese dishes exquisite and high-end.

Golden three wheat is not only a wine, but also a lifestyle that belongs to craft beer. So far, 11 branches have been established in Greater China. Different direct sales outlets have allowed the majority of beer fans to enjoy the atmosphere of wine cellar design, beer garden, European opera house, etc. Taipei Xinzhuang Jingguan shop also integrates the wine-making lecture hall. A beer-themed restaurant that combines intellectual and gastronomy with the show space. And the twelfth branch - Shanghai Jing'an store officially opened! Different from other craft beer, it is the first time to launch the “full-time house wine steward” operation mode. In addition to the popular dinner time for wine and wine, different time to come to the golden three wheat, you can enjoy a different dining atmosphere and Gourmet; for the lazy bedtime family on weekends, the sister-in-law afternoon tea, or the more night-time night cats, tailor-made, all-round evolution of your wine and enjoyment of life, want to come to a small time at any time Party, big party, to the golden three wheat is right! The spirit of the Golden Three Wheat Craft Beer Theme Restaurant is "Sharing Joy"!

Golden Sanmai (Shanghai Jing'an Temple) selected HGM 500L craft beer brewing system, which has successfully brewed the first batch of Pilsen of Golden Three. During the celebrations of the day, Mr. Ye Rongfa, Chairman of Golden Samui, Mr. Ye Guanting, General Manager, and Mr. Sun Guanghui, President of HGM jointly held a barrel opening ceremony for the Golden Beer (Shanghai Jing'an Temple) in accordance with the German beer tradition.

A beautiful and happy day, let us forget about the work for a while, follow the live music, applaud the singer's wonderful performance, scream for the friends who are not acquainted with the table, the friendship and the future of the golden three wheat. A toast to the bright future of cooperation.

Come on! Three wheat!

Shanghai Jing'an Store (Number of guests: 300)

Business hours:

Sunday to Thursday 11:00 am - 1:00 am

Friday, Saturday 11:00 am - 2:00 am

Contact number: +86-21-62885911

Address: 2nd Floor, No. 96, Yuyuan Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai