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Share the good news from MEB Fort Myers

The brewing equipment of MEB's self-brewed beer restaurant has just been installed and commissioned. Mr. Sun Guanghui, CEO of HGM, and Mr. Dai Xiaoyong, Technical Director, visited Guangzhou.

Mr. Shen Jianhua, General Manager of GDE Gangde, and Mr. Shen Wei, General Manager and Winemaker of MEB Fort Myers, started the first batch of winemaking on September 9, 2014. For 28 consecutive hours of work, three representative beer were brewed. They are: Golden Lager, Wheat Ayr and mellow rye. Although it worked for nearly 30 hours in a row, it was very tiring, but the whole process went very smoothly, especially the brewing equipment was running very well, and it was very exciting to smell the mellow malt.

MEB Fort Myers is located in the latest highlight of Guangzhou, next to the Ferris wheel, A5-A9 in Guangzhou Fisherman's Wharf. MEB's self-brewed beer restaurant has more than 1,000 square meters.

It is the largest self-brewed beer restaurant in the true sense of the Chinese. It is based on the world's top raw materials, mainly German beer, with borderless western food. The restaurant environment is environmentally friendly and dining. Sincerely for the purpose, the entire self-brewed beer restaurant is based on health.

The overall renovation of MEB Fort Myers is about to be completed. Three weeks is our National Day. We decided to open the first barrel of homemade beer belonging to MEB Fort Myers.

Subsequently, a series of activities will be carried out, including: self-brewed beer tasting activities, trial brewing of specialty beers, seasonal beers, trial operations, official opening and so on.

Please wait patiently, we will continue to share with you more from MEB Fort Myers!