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HGM First Safety Knowledge Competition

On December 10th, 2016, in order to further strengthen the safety education of employees and enhance the awareness of safety and prevention; the company's trade union decided to hold the first safety knowledge competition.

A total of 11 employees participated in the competition, including four representatives from the design department, sales department, quality inspection department, production department, liner group, saccharification group, polishing group, welder group, pipeline group, metalworking group and cold belt group. In this safety knowledge contest, the performance of the workshop players was very good.

The type of test questions in this competition consists of judgment questions, multiple choice questions, multiple choice questions, and short answer questions. The competition is conducted according to the procedures of answering questions, individual required questions, and collective answers.

Throughout the competition, the players fluently answered how to deal with the potential safety hazards in various jobs and won the applause of the audience many times. The team fully promotes the spirit of unity and cooperation, and calmly makes the right choice in a tense atmosphere. Although there were some minor mistakes in the answering question, there was a problem with the responder, and there was no good completion of the answering question. However, the groups did not give up and made persistent efforts. In the last part of the collective must-answer question, a fierce response was made. Finally, the production department obtained The ultimate victory.

The event expanded the promotion of safety knowledge, allowing many employees in the workshop to learn safety knowledge, improve their self-defense safety awareness, and jointly create a safe and beautiful HGM family.