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Remember the 15th Anniversary Celebration of HGM

Time flies, the years go by, the busy 2016 is over, and the year 2017 is coming to us. The new year is a remarkable year for the Shanghai-Hong Kong company. On the first day of the new year, the 15th Anniversary Celebration of Ningbo Hugang Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and the 2017 New Year Annual Meeting were held in the hall outside the company cafeteria. All the staff of the company and the company leaders gathered together to celebrate the beautiful and Excited moments.

In the past 15 years, HGM people have demonstrated our strength to China and the world with outstanding leadership, professional service and excellent quality work, making HGM an absolute leader in the industry .

Mr. Sun Guanghui, CEO and general manager of the company, congratulated and spoke at the meeting. He sincerely thanked all the colleagues of the company for their selfless dedication and hard work, and thanked everyone for their dedication and hard work. In the past fifteen years, HGM people have experienced the development process of the company step by step. No matter how much wind and rain, we always adhere to the brand line and high-end strategy. It is to insist that HGM people are indomitable and brave, and because of persistence, we have gone out of the Shanghai-Hong Kong characteristics and achieved 15 years of flying.

Subsequently, in order to express gratitude and respect, the company commended the old employees who have been working for more than 10 years, thank them for their persistence and thank them for their special contributions. Mr. Zhou Donglai, the chairman of the company, and Mr. Sun Guanghui, the general manager of the company, awarded special honor trophies and prizes to 33 special contribution employees. Thanks to their due diligence, they encouraged everyone to learn their selfless dedication and silence in their respective positions and encourage them to be new. The year played an exemplary role and made new contributions. Holding a heavy trophy and a generous gift, many old employees were very impressed and expressed their sincere comments on the scene.

The anniversary celebrations also interspersed with lottery sessions, IPAD, IPONE, laptops, home-made cores, rice cookers, and warm-hearted prizes added to the atmosphere, along with the lucky prize, third prize, second prize, first class The selection of prizes continues to provoke the climax of the event. The event not only brought joy and laughter to everyone, but also made colleagues more close to each other. The company’s leaders and employees interacted with each other and the exciting sweepstakes made the applause and cheers always sway at the venue. The atmosphere of the whole event was warm and the festive atmosphere throughout the venue, showing the joy and harmony of the big family of HGM.

The glorious 2016 has passed, and the 2017 with hope and challenge is quietly coming. The fifteenth anniversary celebration is a milestone in the development of HGM and it is also a new starting point for full of pride. Let us go hand in hand with the future while returning to the entrepreneurial journey! Let us use our confidence and courage, take our craftsman spirit, and swagger to write the next more brilliant fifteen years!