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Recent crafts

1. Jim Daddy Beer Factory is the first sightseeing factory in Taiwan with the purpose of the international craft beer revolution in recent years. It is dedicated to studying various techniques of beer culture around the world. The Jim Daddy project uses HGM-20BBL craft beer line equipment.

2, boxing cat is a loyal customer of HGM, but also a quality user valued by HGM. The consistency of the concepts is locked in good faith cooperation. Following the boxing cat (Si Nan Road store), boxing cat (Fuxing West Road store), LIQUID LAUNDRY project, the third branch of Boxing Cat Craft Beer House uses HGM 500L craft beer line equipment, located in Shanghai Nanfeng City, Hongqiao, 100 Zunyi Road, Changning District, is now starting trial operation, business hours: 11AM-10PM. The new store opened with beer and food promotions. Come and enjoy the food and wine at the boxing cat (Hongqiao). Reservation number: 6237-1128.

3 Taiwanese brewing brand - Golden Sanmai has a good news. Its second branch in China - Golden Sanmai (Shanghai Jing'an Temple) will open at the end of June. The address is located at No. 108, Yuyuan Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai Temple. On the second floor, it is the second chain store in the mainland outside the Golden Sanmai Suzhou store. HGM as the equipment supplier for the royal use, this time for the Golden Sanmai is 500L craft beer line equipment. Good brand with high quality equipment, more details, will surprise you, so stay tuned!

Poster: HGM