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October is the season of harvest

The CBB 2016, which was first moved to Shanghai, was successfully held on October 11-14. The exhibits and booth styles of HGM continued to win the attention of many professional customers with many new highlights, regardless of the design of the exhibits, the manufacturing process, or In terms of the cultural atmosphere expressed, HGM are different, gaining a lot of positive recognition and potential cooperation, brand influence and company's popularity. Thanks to the CBB organizer, the hard work and unremitting efforts of every employee of HGM have been given to the platform and opportunities for good response.

We firmly believe that only good equipment can highlight the unique and noble temperament of craft beer.

At this CBB exhibition, HGM Shanghai has exhibited four series of high-quality and advanced technology craft beer line equipments including craft beer brewing equipment, craft beer packaging equipment, high-end stainless steel containers and distilled liquor equipment. The specific exhibits involve malt. Crushing, saccharification, filtration, boiling, fermentation, wine storage, etc., and post-cleaning and filling equipment. The form configuration is flexible and diverse, and the manufacturing process is exquisite. There are American and German systems, all stainless steel and copper-clad products, specifications from 200L From 1000L to the same size, there are also different specifications of the same specifications that are launched without the customer's needs, so that the audience can feast their eyes. It is particularly worth mentioning that the 200L brewing cubes brought by this time are fully equipped, with container-type vans, which are highly creative, novel and practical, and have been highly praised by many professional customers and customers in the margin industry. Also unveiled is the newly developed 10HL four-plate copper saccharification system. This system is excellent in configuration and high-end manufacturing. Each nuance highlights the artistic shape and shines with wisdom.

At our booth (W5-B21), HGM will also open the craft beer free of charge from time to time. All the beer is supplied by our own brand and our end customers, including MEB Fort Myers, Golden Three Wheat and Boxing Cat. Well-known craft beer brand, for everyone to taste a variety of pure flavors of fresh beer, the atmosphere is harmonious and professional.

During the exhibition, CBB hosted the senior officials to arrange time to visit the HGM booth, affirming the contribution and status of HGM to the wine technology and equipment, and appreciating the role and leading role of HGM in the craft equipment industry. The development and trends of different fields encouraged other craft equipment industries to work hard to specialize and concentrate, and tasted a variety of craft beer on the spot. At the exhibition site, CCTV TV interviewed and hang around at the HGM booth, interviewed us and carried out many videos, claiming that they must show their audiences a lot of exquisite manufacturing techniques and design highlights, so that more people know the craft industry. The style.

HGM always focus on high-end manufacturing and sophisticated services. It is an efficient long-term partner of the craft beer industry. HGM are high-end manufacturers in the international craft beer industry. While respecting the tradition, they are constantly crafting the brewing equipment, stepping forward and surpassing the pace of the times. As of June 2015, HGM Shanghai has provided more than 10,000 beer cans and 500 craft beer brewing systems to beer restaurants and breweries worldwide. HGM's flexible and diversified equipment design allows for tailored personalization systems and complete lines for any demanding user to meet high-end craftsmanship requirements and the actual needs of winemakers.