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HGM Shanghai - 2015 Events

1 Accepting a new round of high-tech enterprise audit and successful completion

March 2015

Talent is wealth, technology is the core, and synchronizing and surpassing the current demand of the industry is the guiding principle that HGM manufacturing and technical teams have long adhered to. Every year is progressing, and every moment is making progress. It is not only the obligation given to us by the honorary title of high-tech enterprises, but also the basic element of the survival and development of the company itself. The team's enthusiasm is an important guarantee for the healthy development of the company and the realization of personal value. It is also the basic attitude of the company to give back to society and individuals to treat life. HGM will continue to meet more challenges and opportunities as always.

2The Australian market is further expanding

April 2015

People familiar with the Australian market understand that Australians pay special attention to credibility. The influence of HGM Shanghai-Hong Kong craft beer equipment in the Australian craft beer circle has been further increased, with a high reputation and often recommended by old customers. Especially in this year, HGM released the turnkey service commitment, solved the customer's worries about the installation and commissioning work, met the conditions of the in-depth service terminal customers, and the terminal customer's transaction project increased significantly, which further opened up the Australian market for us. Has far-reaching significance. More intimate contact with end customers will provide practical inspiration and innovation for our product development, quality assurance and service maintenance, which will promote a virtuous circle between us and the Australian market.

3 The American market continues to expand, and the European market has also improved slightly.

May 2015

HGM equipment successfully entered the well-known American brewing brands, such as STONE, DOGFISH HEAD and so on. For the HGM and Shanghai-Hong Kong brand awareness and loyalty are already high in the Americas market, HGM inspirational to improve service and attention to detail, with high-quality products and high value-added services to return customers.
Europe is a market that has caused headaches in China's manufacturing industry. It is also a rigorous European thinking that makes people love. Every time HGM participate in the European exhibition, the equipment brought by it will win high praise from European customers. However, due to the immature on-site installation and commissioning work and service restrictions, the direct transaction package has been effective. This year, after HGM opened the turnkey service, the frequency of inquiry and negotiation in European countries increased significantly. Germany, Estonia and Russia have already completed the complete system. HGM will continue to make persistent efforts to strive for greater improvement next year.

4 HGM has become the world's largest supplier of craft beer equipment

June 2015

As of June 2015, HGM Shanghai has provided more than 10,000 beer cans and 500 craft beer brewing systems to beer restaurants and breweries worldwide. HGM Shanghai Port has flexible configuration, diversified design and exquisite manufacturing technology. It can customize the personalized system and the whole line for any users with demanding requirements. It truly meets the high-end brewing requirements and the actual needs of winemakers. It has become the largest in the world. Supply of craft beer equipment manufacturers.

5 "WBC World Beer Competition" champion beer, officially toast to Shanghai!

July 2015

On July 18th, Golden Sanmai (Shanghai Jing'an Temple) opened its doors. The unique arched decoration of the old castle was classical and lively. The scene was very atmospheric. Whether it was a Taiwanese or a landed waiter, the quality was very high. Everyone There is always a friendly thank you and a smile on my mouth.
Golden Samwie Shanghai Beer Theme Restaurant is located in No. 108, Yuyuan Road, Jing'an District. It stands in the elite section and is of great significance. It is adjacent to Jing'an Temple.
Golden Sanmai (Shanghai Jing'an Temple) selected HGM Shanghai-Hong Kong 500L craft beer brewing system, which has successfully brewed the first batch of Pilsen of Golden Three. During the celebrations of the day, Mr. Ye Rongfa, Chairman of Golden Samui, Mr. Ye Guanting, General Manager, and Mr. Sun Guanghui, President of HGM  jointly held a barrel opening ceremony for the Golden Beer (Shanghai Jing'an Temple) in accordance with the German beer tradition.

6 200L new saccharification flexibility

August 2015

Following the successful development of the 200L brewing cube, according to the different positioning of the market and the needs of consumer users, HGM have also studied the simplified 200L new saccharification for the taste or early stage of winemaking for winemakers and wine lovers who like to play for themselves. device. Compared with the fully equipped 200L brewing cube, the newly manufactured 200L saccharification equipment is more flexible, can meet the customer's different equipment for the later beer cans, and more suitable for the actual needs of different users, so it also has an advantage in price.
The 200L new saccharification design has two configurations, which are divided into German and American styles. Users can choose according to their actual needs to meet individual needs.

7 MEB Fort Myers received 5 points in the public comment network

September 2015

As we all know, the eyes of consumers are bright, and the era of popularity on the Internet is more soft and does not enter a grain of sand. The public comment network is a bridge between the people and the merchants. MEB Fort Myers is also interested in serving the craft beer. Brewing craft beer with heart and thanking life with heart is the respect of MEB's team in life and an expression of value interpretation. A few points of praise, in the eyes of the spectators, may be just a number, perhaps just a moment of gaze, but for all partners of MEB Fort Myers, it is wisdom, is to pay, is sweat, or countless days and nights sleepless nights. That hidden behind much moved, are concentrated in this full 5 points.

8 GDE Port has successfully developed a bottled beer cleaning and filling series

October 2015

HGM Shanghai-Hong Kong subsidiary-GDE Gangde succeeded in developing semi-automatic beer barrel washing machine, filling machine, cleaning & filling machine, and successfully developed linear cleaning filling machine and rotary cleaning filling machine. HGM craft beer equipment systemization lays a solid foundation.

9 Establish strategic partnership with 100 InBev

November 2015

On November 6, 2015, the strategic partnership between HGM Shanghai Port and 100 InBev was officially established. We cherish such cooperation. This is not only a great affirmation of HGM companies and products, but also a higher level of requirements for self-improvement and self-excavation of HGM enterprises. It is an opportunity, a challenge, and we have the confidence to be able to accept your critical and wise test.

10 Nuremberg BRAU 2015 - Beer, Brewing Equipment and Beverage Equipment Technology Exhibition

November 2015

On November 10-12, 2015, BRAU 2015 was held as scheduled. HGM exhibited equipment for the first time, including craft beer brewing equipment, craft beer packaging equipment, unique design and sophisticated manufacturing process, which attracted the attention of a large number of visitors from Europe and neighboring countries. They made the exquisite manufacturing ability of Chinese equipment. With a high degree of appreciation, the customers who come to the booth to negotiate are very cooperative, and we are greatly encouraged!

11 In 2015, HGM were stable and rising.

December 2015

Although in the overall economic situation and the overall environment of foreign trade, in 2015, the sales value of HGM remained stable and rising. This development status benefited from HGM's concept of product transformation and quality manufacturing in advance. .