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Ningbo Fisherman Project--Garden Brewery

As is known in the industry, the main markets of HGM are Europe, America and Australia. However, with the rapid development of domestic craftsmanship in recent years, HGM are gradually turning some of their focus back to China. This can be seen from the domestic cases that have increased in recent years.

The ongoing Ningbo Garden Brewery project is a complete line of projects we have done locally in Ningbo and is a model project we have set up. Since it is only about an hour's drive from Shanghai Port, after visiting our factory, you can go to the site to watch the perfect operation of the Shanghai-Hong Kong crafts line, experience the beauty of the industry and learn more about our technical strength and service. quality.

The main body of the project consists of a pair of roller mills, a set of 500L two-piece American saccharification system, six 500L fermenters and one double-station beer barrel washing machine with cold and hot water tanks, refrigerant tanks, steam boilers, industrial Refrigerator and other ancillary equipment. The complete system is small, but everything from crushing to packaging is available.

A few days ago, we just completed the first trial of this system, and the system was running perfectly. I don't think it will take long for the Garden Brewery in Yaojiang Flower Expo Park to meet you with their all-you-can-drink wines.

In the leisure time, one person walks here, overlooking the riverside by the bar, and drinking the beautiful scenery of Yaojiang when the breeze smashes.

Or, if you have a confidant, make a good drink, and talk about it.

It seems that here, this beautiful scenery, wonderful people, the world, all the people, can be included in this good wine.

Venue: 1F-8, Yaojiang Huaboyuan, West Section of Huancheng North Road, Jiangbei District, Ningbo