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Chairman of the Light Industry Machinery Association Liu Anjiang, Secretary-General Wang Xin and other delegations visited HGM

On March 20th, 2017, HGM welcomed Liu Anjiang, Chairman of the Light Industry Machinery Association, Wang Xin, Vice Chairman and Secretary General, and Liu Junjie, Deputy Secretary General of the Fine Technology and Equipment Committee of China Light Industry Machinery Association. The inspection team visited and inspected the current status of China's craft beer industry, the development trend of craft beer products, suggestions and opinions on the development of craft beer equipment, the formulation of craft beer industry standards, and the current laws and regulations of China for beer production and brewing. Ideas and exchanges on the promotion of Chinese craft beer culture. Mr. Sun Guanghui, CEO of HGM, accompanied the inspection team to visit the HGM Shanghai-Hong Kong factory and had a discussion.

During the discussion, HGM expressed their honour to win the care and support of the Light Industry Machinery Association. Thanks to the leaders for visiting the company for on-the-spot visits, listening to the different voices of the company and the industry's own positioning and providing face-to-face discussion on the healthy development direction and standards of the industry. Suggested opportunities. Mr. Sun Guanghui first introduced the current operation and development of HGM, the strategic direction of the market and the advantages of equipment manufacturing technology to the inspection team. The following three aspects were mainly described and discussed: First, international and Chinese crafts Foresight and analysis of beer development prospects, vertical and horizontal analysis compares the future development and ideas of craft beer and ordinary beer, and advocates that enterprises should make timely transformation, do the quality and service of craft beer equipment, and avoid price wars in the industry. Vicious competition makes China's craft beer equipment truly accepted and recognized by customers around the world, promoting the healthy and vigorous development of the industry environment. Second, China's craft beer is in a rapid development stage. Although there is a "hundreds of prosperity", it lacks authority. Local supervision, brand hype, shoddy and even for private gains, many irregular underground workshops, deviating from the original intention of China's craft beer health and environmental protection, hope that the Light Industry Machinery Association can play a bridge role, we urgently need The voice of the relevant authoritative standards is given to the department leaders, appealing The relevant departments of the state have supervised and protected the (fine brewing) beer industry and guided the development of the industry's healthy and standardized development. Third, it is hoped that the drafting of China's craft beer equipment standards will be high, and the most important thing is to learn from the related professions of craft beer. The people formulated and hoped that the association could organize three high-level exhibitions, elaborate academic conferences, and beer competitions to form a professional high-end "landmark" conference with authoritative influence, reducing the clutter and mutual attacks of various voluntary schools. And other undesirable phenomena.

During the discussion, Chairman Liu gave valuable insights, suggestions and opinions on topics such as the quality of craft beer equipment, the formulation of industry standards, the government’s policy of releasing production limits, and the combination of high-end academic conferences and exhibitions. It clearly defines the ideas and directions of the association to help enterprises grow and develop, and concludes that although the development of China's craft beer has a difficult bottleneck, it is hoped that HGM can play the role of China's high-end craft beer equipment enterprises. The role of leadership is to guide large and medium-sized enterprises to produce and operate products that meet consumer expectations within the market scope of their own positioning. In the development of industry culture, they are more proactive in guiding and propagating, and starting from me, guiding what they really want to do. The people together promoted the healthy and energetic development of the industry. At the same time, Chairman Liu also put forward his own new ideas on the spot and had great confidence. That is, we must combine the needs of the current beer development characteristics, call for the supply side reform of the beer industry, and make structural adjustments. And put into action to report to the leaders of the China Light Industry Association and relevant ministries and commissions To play an important role in the association, so that the standardization of craft beer and craft beer equipment can keep pace with the development of the industry in a timely manner, which not only plays a regulatory role, but also protects real industry and entrepreneurs.

President Liu, Secretary-General Wang and Deputy Secretary-General Liu fully affirmed the important role of HGM in the industry, and discussed the issues to find the next step of the work, but also for HGM. The actual confusion in development points to a new direction and has achieved the desired results for both of us.