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I feel that I am looking for happiness in CBB 2014.

The 2014 (11th) China International Wine-Beverage Manufacturing Technology and Equipment Exhibition ended on October 16th. HGM deeply felt that the conference was more comprehensive and focused on outstanding manufacturers and top suppliers in various professional fields. Business, HGM as a world-class product like art has ushered in the favor of many unique and demanding professionals, we are full of harvest.

Leading the craft beer equipment and spreading the craft beer culture has always been pursued by HGM. In the face of the current situation of Chinese beer, our philosophy is to “restore real beer and realize the dream of Chinese craft beer”. HGM Shanghai Port A series of latest research and development products, mainly headquartered - HGM, subsidiary - GDE Gangde and MEB Fort Myers, HGM main exhibition of brewed beer brewing equipment and distilled liquor equipment, GDE Port The exhibition of craft beer packaging equipment and the MEB Fort Myers health beer derivative industry are unveiled. Whether it is professionally designed products or excellent manufacturing techniques, as well as more than 800 flatly arranged display areas and on-site craft beer free wine tasting areas, each The parties have attracted the participation and high appreciation of many visitors, and received a group of interested people in a busy but relaxed atmosphere.

It is a great honor for the organizers to come to the booth and enjoy the craft beer of our own brand, Fort Myers. The conference brought us a lot of encouragement, motivation, responsibility and happiness. It not only further strengthens the influence of HGM Shanghai-Hong Kong brand, but also consolidates the status of HGM Shanghai-Hong Kong craft beer equipment top brand. It also gives us the opportunity to share and learn the latest product technology of the industry, learn from each other's strengths, and thank the CBB platform.

From small and medium-sized enterprises to large and medium-sized enterprises, the formation of group companies and multinational companies are the direction and goals of HGM. However, a steady expansion is our first choice. We don't have to do a lot, but we will definitely do a strong job. Success is a responsibility; creating wealth, developing the economy, nurturing employees, and repaying the society are an obligation; creating a healthy, sunny “hundred-year enterprise” is our greatest mission. Believe us, we will definitely show a better and better HGM to everyone.

Many people believe that happiness is discovered and found by themselves. In fact, opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. Happiness is won by their infinite efforts and persistence. After 12 years of development, HGM are like a young benchmark from a ignorant boy to a young age. HGM companies are not big, but it should also be said that there is some influence, at least in the craft beer equipment. Like most private enterprises in China, we have experienced various hardships, pains, and happiness. The most gratifying thing is that HGM are very healthy. HGM people love this industry. HGM leaders always carry the "grateful heart and altruistic heart". All of us will work harder to create more cost-effective income products, concentrate on business, business and The win-win happiness of the industry contributes to the welfare of the society.