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Beijing old beer follow-up expansion project

At the beginning of 2016, Beijing Hehe Red Lantern Restaurant Group ordered 10HL craft beer complete system from HGM Shanghai Port and created beer brand-old LEGEND BEER. With HGM's sophisticated equipment and old-fashioned brewing technology, it has been operating for only a few months, and the old beer has become a highlight and a landmark in Beijing.

Since the opening of the company for six months, the system of eight 10HL fermenters + eight 20HL fermenters + six 300L sake tanks has been fully loaded, and beer is in short supply. Old-fashioned beer urgently needs to increase the fermentation supply of the whole system. Faced with the expansion, there is not much left in the indoor space. What should I do? After many discussions with HGM technical experts, the veteran finally decided to use the outdoor fermenter; the new problem will follow, and the summer maximum temperature in Beijing is above 40 degrees Celsius, and the outdoor insulation of the fermenter can reach Is the constant temperature required? What should I do if there is a power outage? What should I do if there is a chiller failure? The problem one by one...

Facts have proved that the quality of HGM equipment is excellent and skillful. The six 20HL outdoor fermenters that have been expanded and delivered are beautiful in appearance and good in quality. They can cope with the severe outdoor weather changes and have the ability to deal with unexpected situations such as power outages. Perfect!

In particular, we did a destructive test. On a day when the temperature reached 38 degrees Celsius, the power was cut off for 24 hours (the refrigerant did not work), and the temperature inside the fermenter only rose by 0.5 degrees Celsius.

The development of the old-fashioned beer is due to their exquisite brewing process, and in addition to the top winemakers and raw materials, HGM's world-leading brewing equipment and supporting technical support.

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