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2016 American crafts trip

In the past two decades, American craft beer has experienced explosive growth, not only diversifying its domestic market, but also actively entering overseas markets. American craft beer has attracted widespread interest around the world. Many countries with a long history of craft beer have an old-fashioned tradition and a deep-rooted winemaking tradition, but American craft beer is more free to play. Bold innovation and personalization is a remarkable expression of American beer active in the craft beer world. The innovation and brewed American beer of American craft brewers is deeply loved by international craft beer consumers.

In May 2016, HGM's CEO visited the East and West of the United States to find out the crazy development of the American crafts industry. They went deep into the local brewery with more than 20 distinctive and typical colors, and tasted the first-hand beer in the factory. , understand brand equipment, develop history and feel the culture of brand development. We were surprised to find that among the more than 20 veteran or new-style brewery brands we visited, 18 of them used HGM/PSS craft equipment, which surprised us even more, the winemaker and the responsible and the personnel of the brewing equipment evaluated the HGM/PSS finishing equipment very high and expressed the future of more cooperation. More customers say that HGM/PSS high-quality equipment has replaced European products in the US market.

So far, HGM/PSS has nearly 500 sets of crafting equipment used in local breweries in the United States. We are very fortunate to have the same high degree of market positioning and industry development strategy with our long-term partner PSS. We witness our equipment in the end. The perfect operation of the client, we are moved by HGM relentless pursuit of design and manufacturing technology has been recognized by the end customer.

HGM is committed to becoming the leading brand of China's craft brewing equipment industry. And HGM are not easy to come along. We are very proud to represent China on the international stage to showcase the strength of local craft beer equipment. We are proud but never proud. We will always insist on providing more end users with more reasonable and environmentally friendly and competitive high quality equipment.